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Welcome to The Lothouse

We are here to inspire people and make the digital world more beautiful.

Nature gives us a never-ending flow of wonderful forms, structures, patterns, and colors. Our passion is to translate these expressions into the digital space.

Give us a try and let us help you see your brand from new perspectives.


To create great results constantly
you need a clear process.

1.Value & Concept

We help you extract the core values of your company, your products, and of your target group to make sure our strategy will be built on a strong foundation.

2.Problem & Desire

We convey the real problems and desires of your clients to daylight and help you see their needs from outside the box.

3.creative solutions

We deliver creative solutions that will help you build real fans instead of one-time customers for your products and your brand.


01. Design

We love creating beautiful logos and websites but are best at building magnificent and engaging brand identities.

02. Development

We build easy-to-use tools that deliver outstanding performances while simply looking stunning.

03. Strategy

We guide you through the digital jungle and help you find the perfect sweet spot for your target group.

04. Digital Marketing

If you want to use micro-influencers, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, and Google to grow your brand don’t worry we got your back.


We are not just doing graphics –
we are creative Design.

We enjoy working with international company groups as much as we love being part of the creation of something new with young professionals and startups.

Here are some of the partners and
clients we have worked with.

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